Treatment for Depression in Toddlers and Young Children

Play Therapy and Art Therapy

Small children have limited verbal skills. This makes traditional psychotherapy an ineffective treatment for preschoolers. However, play therapy and art therapy are effective diagnostic and treatment methods for children of all ages. These therapies provide a gentle, self-guided way for children to communicate their experiences, emotions, and perceptions.

Through play and art, children reveal both the things in their lives that give them comfort, and the things that cause fear, anger, or anxiety. Therapists carefully observe children for clues to these negative experiences, and guide children in coping with their negative emotions. According to the non-profit organization Play Therapy International, 71% of child patients benefit from creative therapy.

Family Therapy and Parenting Education

Childhood depression often (but not always) stems from upheaval in the home. Children observe cues from adults and mimic how they interact with the world. If parents have poor coping skills or are under considerable stress, it is more likely that the small children in the home will be depressed.

In a report covered by OptingHealth com on vulnerable children, the National Center for Children in Poverty examines some of the risk factors that can create toxic stress in infants and toddlers, and impair their development (Knitzer and Lefkowitz). Examples of these toxic stressors might include:

  • Poverty
  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Neglect
  • Domestic violence
  • Frequent moves
  • Poverty
  • Substance abuse in the home
  • Serious mental or physical illness of a household member
  • Absence of a parent through death, abandonment, incarceration, or divorce

While these can be factors in childhood depression, it should not be assumed that all children with depression come from unhealthy homes or that a child’s depression is caused by a failure on the part of the parents. However, for families experiencing these problems, therapy and parental education can help the entire family create a healthier home environment.

Treating Preschoolers with Antidepressants

There is a growing trend of treating toddlers with psychiatric medications developed for adults (Pyle). Whenever possible, this should be avoided. Psychiatric drugs are not generally tested in small children, nor approved for use in preschoolers by the FDA. The risks to young children and the impact these drugs can have on their development is unknown.

Despite these concerns, there are some instances where depression may be severe enough to warrant the use of drug therapy in a small child. If an antidepressant therapy is prescribed, the child should be carefully monitored. Mental health practioners should strive to use medication with the least likelihood of a serious side effect, at the lowest effective dose possible, and for the shortest amount of time possible.

Difficulty Finding Treatment for Suicidal or Violent Toddlers

There are virtually no residential treatment options or psychiatric hospitals designed to treat preschoolers who pose a significant risk to themselves or are violent towards others. If a small child is violent or suicidal, parents may struggle to find help. Services available to disturbed children vary widely by region and economic status. Parents should access all available resources to determine a course of action. The child’s pediatrician, public mental health service, and local social services offices can help parents determine the best way to get appropriate treatment for their child.

Milky Way Galaxy Facts –What you don’t know about this exciting place

The Milky Way Galaxy is considered to be an interesting place. It is because its immensity triggers the curiosity of many all the time.  It is not rocket Science to know that it is the home of the Earth. It measures from approximately 100,000 to 120,000 light-years. This is calculated in diameter. Needless to say, the Milky Way Galaxy serves as humanity’s birthplace. From the Galactic Center, the Solar System lives around 27,000 light-years from it. This is situated in the inner edge of the whole spiral-shaped gas and even dust particles concentrations. These are the very usual Milky Way Galaxy facts. This is termed the Orion Arm.

There are other information which may help in understanding the wonders of Milky Way Galaxy. These are not only impressive, but also inspiring. What are these?

Additional Tidbits about Milky Way

Milky Way has always been warped. Just imagine the Milky Way being a disk which existed 120,000 light years ago from the central bulge. The diameter of reaches 12,000 light years. Basically, the said disk is not flat, as many would expect. It is actually warped shape. According to astronomers, this occurred because of the neighbors of the galaxy. These are the small and large Magellanic Clouds.

MilkyWay.jpg (1610×805)

There are also two dwarf galaxies existing. These consist the local group. These also orbit the whole Milky Way. There are beliefs saying that it could always pull the dark matter in just a galaxy like game of tug-of-war. The tugging here is going to create the oscillating frequency. This will be the one in-charged in pulling the hydrogen gas of the galaxy. The Milky Way comes with a lot of the said gas.

The Milky Way is also surrounded by a halo. Yes it is even if it cannot be seen right away. Most scientists realized that the galaxy is made up of dark matter. As a matter of fact, they added that almost 90% of it is. This is one of the reasons why there is this mysterious halo around it. This pertains to a luminous matter. This can always be seen through telescopes or the naked eye. The mentioned halo is 10% of the Milky Way. Do not get this wrong because the halo of it is not conventional in nature. It is not the glowing-like which is always depicted in comets or angels.

Indeed, the halo is invisible. The mere fact that it exists demonstrates simulations that run in the Milky Way.

The Milky Way is also surrounded by 200 billion of stars. Just take a look at the largest galaxy there is, it is made up of almost 100 trillion stars. There are still other galaxies which have trillion of them. It depends on how big the galaxy is. The Milky Way may also be gassy and dusty in nature. This many not be like this to casual observer but it would not change the fact that it is full of gas and dust.


Abortion Pill Facts – How do they work for 10th week pregnancy?

Abortion pills such as mifepristone is given by healthcare professionals. Usually, they will be asked to be swallowed in the clinic. This is usually utilized by women who are pregnant for almost nine weeks. This is for the mentioned gestation. When it comes to the second medication, another will be provided. This is called misoprostol. This will also be taken at the very same time. For those who are already over their 9th week, and the waiting may have to be undertaken. They will be asked to return after one to three days, at a maximum. The healthcare professional will be the one to discuss various options available here.

What happens after taking the abortion pill?

There are women who can still go on with their usual errands, or in short, lives after taking the said pill. It does not matter whether it is on their home or work, they will still be able to perform. However, bleeding may take place. There are also pains synonymous to the ones experienced when one has her monthly period. All of these are associated.

pills_orange.jpg(mediaclass-base-page-main.d2c518cc99acd7f6b176d3cced63a653791dedb3).jpg (800×478)

The truth is that abortion does not occur right away with the aid of one pill. But then, cases of miscarriage were reported. This may take place and it has to be reported immediately. An ultrasound is normally performed in order to make sure that the treatment is still suitable. If not, and then another will be done.

Vomiting and nausea are expected to be experienced upon the consumption of the pill. The clinic has to be informed though if the patient vomits only 1.5 hours after the pill has been taken. This is necessary because this may be a call to have the pill taken again. It may be straight after the vomiting, or on a different day.

On another note, these misoprostol tablets are usually placed on a person’s vagina. You may do it yourself. If you are afraid to, healthcare professionals may be of assistance. The tablets may be put as you lay down on the bed. You can also have it done while standing or squatting. It is really up to the patient. The most comfortable position is desired to be attained here. The idea is to insert the pill the highest possible. The position of the pill on the vagina will not even matter. This is of little importance. It will not affect the effectiveness of the pill anyway.

Antibiotics are also given. This is going to be in accordance to the instructions of the professional. The abortion will be at home. It is to have someone in the process though. This is easier and more comfortable this way.

Heavy bleeding, and as well as cramps are also usual aftermath of the pill. This will begin immediately two hours the pill has been taken. It may start sooner though. The instances are not the same for all people. The said effects may be observed for a few hours. To take a pain relief is going to ease the struggle.

Autism Diagnosis Rates Not on the Rise: Reclassification From Mental Retardation and Learning Disabilities

Autism is a broad term that affects an individual’s ability to function cognitively and emotionally. Children and adults with autism have a range of deficits that may compromise their ability to function well in social situations as well as learn new material.

Autism can be a devastating diagnosis that goes hand in hand with severely reduced mental functioning or, in milder forms, merely reduce an individual’s acquisition of social skills and hinder his or her ability to learn certain forms of information.

Causes of Autism

In recent years the number of cases of autism have risen exponentially. Estimates of the number of cases of autism in the American population range from one in 165 people to as low as one in 100 people. According to experts this number has increased tremendously over the last few decades.

On the surface this accusation would appear to be true. Autism rates, we are often told, are on the rise in very scary numbers. Millions of children appear to have a defect that can cause life long consequences for their social, physical, emotional, mental and emotional well being.

Statistics would appear to bear this out. The rate of autism does indeed appear to have increased at every turn.

Autism_Center_Pittsburgh.jpg (1000×400)

Yet, as frightening as this statistic is, parents everywhere may want to breath a sigh of relief. According to a well-designed study in the April 3rd issue of the Journal of Pediatrics, the apparent rise in autism has taken place in conjunction with other factors.

While autism rates have risen there has also been a statistically significant decline in the number of cases of mental retardation and learning disabilities.

This information suggests an obvious conclusion. Children who might have been labeled mentally retarded or learning disabled a generation ago are now being labeled autistic.

The authors of the study looked at the rates of mental retardation and learning disabilities between 1994 and 2013. They found that the number of children per thousand being diagnosed with mental retardation fell by nearly three percent. The number of children being diagnosed with learning disabilities fell by over eight percent.

Diagnostic Substitution

The authors conclude that the idea of autism epidemic is flawed. Instead there is what the authors call “diagnostic substitution” or the substitution of one diagnosis for another.

This is not an uncommon phenomenon. Diagnosis is not always an exact science. What may be apparent to one doctor is not always obvious to another. State officials may direct resources to a specific disability while reducing the amount of funds directed towards a similar illness. Such decisions can provide a motivation for parents and school officials to push a student towards one diagnosis and not another.

Consequently it is hardly surprising that some diseases may appear to be on the rise while others are on the decline. This does indeed appear to be the case with autism.

Parents and others who are concerned about the supposed increase in autism rates should examine the data more closely. Rather than focus on outside factors that make very little sense (such as vaccinations as a cause of autism) officials and other concerned parties should look carefully at all possible factors. Autism may indeed be on the rise but this is not necessarily cause for alarm.

Wedding Shower Games: Making It More Fun and Exciting!

wedding shower games

Are you looking for fun ideas for wedding shower games?

A wedding shower is a traditional gift-giving party bestowed upon the would-be brides 4-6 weeks before the wedding day. Basically, it is an occasion wherein guests present the bride-to- be gifts like household items, gift cards, cash, lingerie and even sex enhancing toys. Without a doubt, a shower party is fun especially if there are wedding shower games included.

Yes there are foods and booze, and the merry company of girlfriends, but nothing enhances the solidarity among females than organizing fun and sexy games during the party. Below are some wedding shower game ideas that will surely brighten up a dull wedding shower:

wedding shower games

1. Risqué Charades. This is similar to a traditional charades game, but with a twist. The theme has to be sexy in nature. You can opt for themes like R-rated movies or sex positions. Giving the children’s game an adult makeover will surely be a riot. It gets crazy as lascivious and highly-suggestive gestures are acted out. Of course, the maid of honor will have to prepare the theme in advance.

2. Kiss the A$$. This is another children’s party game with a more mature update. The Kiss the Groom’s Behind games plays out like a regular Pin the Donkey’s Tail game. Here is the twist: The ladies will be applying red lipstick on and they have to kiss a picture of a model’s naked derriere while wearing a blindfold. They have to make sure to leave a kiss mark on the picture. The kiss that is closest to the buttocks wins.

3. Stick the Toilet Paper Roll. How to play this wedding shower game? The big group will be divided into two groups. For each group, a captain is chosen and the rest will be the players. The captain has to hold a broomstick between her thighs. The players, on the other hand, will also hold a tissue roll between their thighs. The objective of the game is to walk to the captain and insert the tissue roll into the broomstick. First team to stack up all their tissue rolls onto the broomstick wins.

4. Something in the Middle. This game will need a paper bag and several items to go with them. The maid of honor, as the game master, needs to prepare items that are used every day by the bride. These things can be makeup, baby food and underwear. As the game begins, a bag will be passed around while the background music is playing. Once the music stops, whoever is holding the bag and whoever gave the bag to the holder will stand in the middle.

Both of them will be blindfolded. The giver of the bag will have to reach inside and use the item on the recipient. The fun part is that neither of them knows what is inside the bag and they have to figure out what to do with the contents.

wedding shower games

5. Toilet Paper Wedding Veil. Again, the maid of honor will have to do some preparations for this game. She has to purchase several rolls of toilet paper and hand these out to all the guests. At her command, the guests will have to create a wedding veil using only the rolls of toilet paper. The bride will then adjudge the best veil.

Do you love these games? These are just some of the exciting games that can give life to the party. For sure, the guests and the bride herself will have so much fun with these wedding shower games.

Do you have any wedding shower game ideas you want to share with us?

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