Abortion Pill Facts – How do they work for 10th week pregnancy?

Abortion pills such as mifepristone is given by healthcare professionals. Usually, they will be asked to be swallowed in the clinic. This is usually utilized by women who are pregnant for almost nine weeks. This is for the mentioned gestation. When it comes to the second medication, another will be provided. This is called misoprostol. This will also be taken at the very same time. For those who are already over their 9th week, and the waiting may have to be undertaken. They will be asked to return after one to three days, at a maximum. The healthcare professional will be the one to discuss various options available here.

What happens after taking the abortion pill?

There are women who can still go on with their usual errands, or in short, lives after taking the said pill. It does not matter whether it is on their home or work, they will still be able to perform. However, bleeding may take place. There are also pains synonymous to the ones experienced when one has her monthly period. All of these are associated.

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The truth is that abortion does not occur right away with the aid of one pill. But then, cases of miscarriage were reported. This may take place and it has to be reported immediately. An ultrasound is normally performed in order to make sure that the treatment is still suitable. If not, and then another will be done.

Vomiting and nausea are expected to be experienced upon the consumption of the pill. The clinic has to be informed though if the patient vomits only 1.5 hours after the pill has been taken. This is necessary because this may be a call to have the pill taken again. It may be straight after the vomiting, or on a different day.

On another note, these misoprostol tablets are usually placed on a person’s vagina. You may do it yourself. If you are afraid to, healthcare professionals may be of assistance. The tablets may be put as you lay down on the bed. You can also have it done while standing or squatting. It is really up to the patient. The most comfortable position is desired to be attained here. The idea is to insert the pill the highest possible. The position of the pill on the vagina will not even matter. This is of little importance. It will not affect the effectiveness of the pill anyway.

Antibiotics are also given. This is going to be in accordance to the instructions of the professional. The abortion will be at home. It is to have someone in the process though. This is easier and more comfortable this way.

Heavy bleeding, and as well as cramps are also usual aftermath of the pill. This will begin immediately two hours the pill has been taken. It may start sooner though. The instances are not the same for all people. The said effects may be observed for a few hours. To take a pain relief is going to ease the struggle.