Wedding Shower Games: Making It More Fun and Exciting!

wedding shower games

Are you looking for fun ideas for wedding shower games?

A wedding shower is a traditional gift-giving party bestowed upon the would-be brides 4-6 weeks before the wedding day. Basically, it is an occasion wherein guests present the bride-to- be gifts like household items, gift cards, cash, lingerie and even sex enhancing toys. Without a doubt, a shower party is fun especially if there are wedding shower games included.

Yes there are foods and booze, and the merry company of girlfriends, but nothing enhances the solidarity among females than organizing fun and sexy games during the party. Below are some wedding shower game ideas that will surely brighten up a dull wedding shower:

wedding shower games

1. Risqué Charades. This is similar to a traditional charades game, but with a twist. The theme has to be sexy in nature. You can opt for themes like R-rated movies or sex positions. Giving the children’s game an adult makeover will surely be a riot. It gets crazy as lascivious and highly-suggestive gestures are acted out. Of course, the maid of honor will have to prepare the theme in advance.

2. Kiss the A$$. This is another children’s party game with a more mature update. The Kiss the Groom’s Behind games plays out like a regular Pin the Donkey’s Tail game. Here is the twist: The ladies will be applying red lipstick on and they have to kiss a picture of a model’s naked derriere while wearing a blindfold. They have to make sure to leave a kiss mark on the picture. The kiss that is closest to the buttocks wins.

3. Stick the Toilet Paper Roll. How to play this wedding shower game? The big group will be divided into two groups. For each group, a captain is chosen and the rest will be the players. The captain has to hold a broomstick between her thighs. The players, on the other hand, will also hold a tissue roll between their thighs. The objective of the game is to walk to the captain and insert the tissue roll into the broomstick. First team to stack up all their tissue rolls onto the broomstick wins.

4. Something in the Middle. This game will need a paper bag and several items to go with them. The maid of honor, as the game master, needs to prepare items that are used every day by the bride. These things can be makeup, baby food and underwear. As the game begins, a bag will be passed around while the background music is playing. Once the music stops, whoever is holding the bag and whoever gave the bag to the holder will stand in the middle.

Both of them will be blindfolded. The giver of the bag will have to reach inside and use the item on the recipient. The fun part is that neither of them knows what is inside the bag and they have to figure out what to do with the contents.

wedding shower games

5. Toilet Paper Wedding Veil. Again, the maid of honor will have to do some preparations for this game. She has to purchase several rolls of toilet paper and hand these out to all the guests. At her command, the guests will have to create a wedding veil using only the rolls of toilet paper. The bride will then adjudge the best veil.

Do you love these games? These are just some of the exciting games that can give life to the party. For sure, the guests and the bride herself will have so much fun with these wedding shower games.

Do you have any wedding shower game ideas you want to share with us?